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- about us -

We are Clint and Rindi Fourie

and we are owned by the gorgeous Persians on these pages.

We registered our cattery in 2008 and our foundation cats were all bought in from reputable and well known breeders so that we could start off  with the best cats. In March 2013 Purrbridge ventured into the exciting world of the EXOTIC, when we bought our first EXOTIC cat from Amanda and Pat at Cracker in Cape Town. Thank you so much for Bojangles ladies, he is a longstanding dream come true - a black, dilute carrier stud. Who was ever to think that my dream would come in the form of a sweet little EXOTIC boy, and not a Persian.

We have bred some award winning cats over the years and once again thank our mentors who have taught us and guided us along the way. Each day, in the life of a Persian breeder, there is more to learn....... 

A "HUGE" thank you to the following breeders who helped us to get started:
Christelle Horne from Balouchi
Charmaine Turner from ChaCha
Audrey Kenny from Pashapaws
Roelien du Plessis from Achlin-Ve' 
Pat + Amanda from Cracker

Our cats aren't just cats, they are our children.

We would also like to thank our photographer and very good friend, Richard Ryan, for his amazing ability with his camera and for the patience and love he has for our fur-kids. Richard and his family not only are good friends, but are also owned by five of our furs

We breed, we often travel to shows with our cats, and we have fun....

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