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- gallery -

On this page we show you some of Purrbridge kittens

- 2011 -

Purrbridge Oooh La La of ChaCha

Lulu now living happily with and being shown beautifully
by Charmaine & Brian Turner of Cha Cha Persians

Purrbridge Lil Boy Blooh

"now living with Mark and Chamara"

Purrbridge Jacki O

now the baby of Charmaine

Purrbridge Midget Bardot

now living in the lap of luxury with Anja and Sakkie

Purrbridge Cinnamon Kiss
(aka Smooch)

now being much loved  as a baby in the home of Graham and Natasha

Purrbridge Peppered Sugar
(aka Peppi)

living in coastal luxury and being spoilt by Maureen"

Purrbridge Splashes of Spice
(aka Splice)

"now living a life of luxury with Rosa and Bobby"

Purrbridge Nutmeg Delight
(aka Meg)

now living with Audrey

Purrbridge Bingo Starr

now living a life of luxury with Debbie and Andre

Purrbridge Twice as Nice

happily living with mother and daughter, Rina and Leilani

Purrbridge Red Baron

Barry living happily with and being spoilt by the Ryan family

Purrbridge Billy the Kid

living happily with and being spoilt by the Ryan family along
with his brother Purrbridge Red Baron



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