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We currently have babies in our nursery.
Kindly contact me if you are interested

Even though our kittens only leave Purrbridge between 13/16 weeks (due to our neuter/spay policy at 12 weeks earliest), you can book a kitten and watch it grow and develop.

You can even visit it and bond with it, if you wish, but only after the 8 week, to give them the best chance of defense against infections.

That way it gives you time to get your "Kitty-finances" ready and also time to plan and shop for your new baby in preperation of getting him/her.

All our kittens are born and raised in our bedroom (the nursery), and get all the love and attention they deserve from an early age to ensure good socialization. They are constantly cuddled and touched and spoken to all the time.

By the time they leave our home they are registered with SACC ( the Southern Africa Cat Council)

They are also dewormed three times, innoculated once or twice (depending on how early you take them) and neutered or spayed. Because they can only be neutered or spayed at the earliest 12 weeks, our babies only leave for their new homes earliest 13/14 weeks, but don't worry, they still bond well with their new owners at that age.

The kittens are graded into pet or show quality and placed into homes accordingly. Where there are no breeding restrictions kittens might also be placed into responsible catteries.

Prospective "parents" of our kittens are screened carefully to ensure that our babies will be kept and loved in the same manner as they are accustomed to and as they deserve.

The kittens shown in the nursery are not necessarily available, unless stated.

For available kittens please see our "available" page.


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