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- References written by the new owners -


from:Elmarie van der Merwe
to:Rindi van Seventer
date:Mon, Mar 9, 2015 at 2:34 PM

subject:Reference letter

Dealing with Rindi at Purrbridge Cattery was professionalism from the start.

My husband and I browsed through many websites and sent many e-mails, but Rindi was the first to send us photos and to invite us to her cattery to look at her beautiful kittens.

My first impression was WOW! My husband, daughter and I spent an afternoon with Rindi meeting the kittens.  A well organised and clean cattery, definitely cats haven! They were very sociable, friendly and well groomed, even the adults joined us and we had such a lovely time with them.

We went through a proper screening by Rindi and it was clear that she wanted to make sure her kitties go to a safe and loving home. That convinced me that I am at the right place and that Rindi has an absolute passion for her cats.

We chose our kitty - Pixie Pop.  Rindi explained that she would have to have her sterilised and micro chipped before we could take Pixie Pop home. We waited patiently and counted the sleeps to the day we collected her.  During the two weeks of waiting for Pixie to recover, Rindi was in contact with us and didn't mind me asking questions. 

On the day we collected her, we were given a 'starter pack' and all the necessary documents. Rindi doesn't mind sharing her knowledge and tips with you. It felt like I've made a new friend.  I would certainly recommend Purrbridge Cattery if you are looking for a healthy well bred Persian baby and professionalism.

Leon & Elmarie vd Merwe

Purrbridge Onyx & Purrbridge Tuxedo

From: Beth Gadsby <>
Date: Mon, Feb 9, 2015 at 4:22 PM
Subject: Letter of reference
To: Rindi van Seventer <>

This letter is about my experience and professional dealings with Rindi at Purrbridge Cattery. 

After browsing through many sites focusing on Persians and Exotics on the internet I came across Purrbridge Cattery and felt immediately that this was the right breeder for me.  I made an inquiry and got a quick response from Rindi.  After many chats on the telephone I knew Rindi was passionate about her animals and could see by her pictures that her cats were amazing and very loved.  As I live in Pietermaritzburg I could not go and see my 2 chosen boys Tuxedo and Onyx, but Rindi was very understanding of my situation being so far away and really went the extra mile regarding photos, information and videos daily to keep me that much closer to my 2 new babies. 

It was not long after that, that Tuxedo and Onyx arrived on a flight from Johannesburg to Pietermaritzburg on a Saturday afternoon all arranged by Rindi.  They were both transported together in comfort and took their flight very well and were not stressed at all.  Within days it was as if Tuxedo and Onyx had been living with us their whole lives, they settled in and made themselves at home from day 1. They are both the most loving and affectionate cats I have ever had and it is all thanks to Rindi for her kind, loving and gentle upbringing she gives to her cats from day one that have made them what they are today. 

Thank you Rindi we could not be happier.  

Paul and Beth Gadsby

From: denny <>
to:Rindi van Seventer <>
date:Tue, Jan 6, 2015 at 9:20 AM
subject: Reference

Purrbridge is a professional and exceptionally well run cattery. When I first visited the home of Rindi Fourie the cleanliness, health and happiness of all her cats was evident. She has trained her staff to help care for the cats with all the correct equipment and she is highly knowledgable about Persian cats and breeding. What stood out the most for me is the genuine love and care that she has for her cats. She is truly passionate about these beautiful animals and it is evident in their behaviour. The cats were friendly, well groomed and appeared relaxed and safe in their environment.

Rindi has built on a special nursery for her female cats and breeding mothers which is right next to her own bedroom. This meant that my kitten spent the first three and a half months of his life getting extra special care and attention from her. 

This resulted in a very happy and well socialised kitten that came into our home feeling safe and secure.

He is used to human touch and loves to be groomed. His personality reflects the place where he came from: a place of love and care where every individual cat is looked after. He is exceptionally well bred and came with a detailed, documented history of his blood lines as well as all the information I would need to look after him.

I would recommend Rindi as a breeder to anyone who is as passionate and loving as she is. Her cats are just wonderful. Thank you Rindi and Purrbridge Cattery, Lazlo has enriched our lives far beyond what we expected.

From: <>
Date: Tue, May 8, 2012 at 10:48 AM
Subject: My lovely babies
To: Rindi Katte <>

After 11 years my beautiful persian paw daughter, Domain, had kidney failure and I put her to sleep. What a tragic time of my life - my world was falling apart. After a few months  I started to search  for new babies because my home was empty with hubby that works shifts -  I was so alone now...

And then the greatest thing happened I met Rindi what a wonderful women with the greatest passion for her kitties. The kittens and every single cat of hers were so well taken care of - they were clean and well groomed, the friendliest cats - ever playful and so much love to give.

The place was so clean and well organized.

I got my new baby girl , Midget - she is so adorable and my princess, but hubby went with, and what miracle happened! As he was sitting there Noodle, a male, came and sat on his lap and decided "this is my new daddy", and so Noodle picked my husband. After a week we went to get Noodle, our little baby boy. With both of our babies we got a starter pack of Royal Canin food.

These two new babies changed our lives. They are so adorable and loving and can entertain you for hours. We just love them to death.

I've learned that I can phone Rindi day or night for help on anything, she is really something!!!
Thank you Rindi for being the person that you are, just as your beautiful babies, really unique.

With all my love
Anja Marais

Date: Sun, May 6, 2012 at 7:18 PM
Subject: Cupcake reference
To: Rindi van Seventer

Once Mackie turned a year old i decided i needed to find him a friend and new baby for the home.
I emailed Rindi regarding Cupcake and was elated when she called me to say she had finally become available. The next day I went to Rindi's Cattery to meet my new baby. I had such an enjoyable day spending time with Rindi and all the kittens at the Cattery. I could spend hours chatting with Rindi and playing with all her precious babies. I left Rindi that day wishing i could have more than one addition to the family. On collecting Cupcake she was bathed and waiting for me looking absolutely gorgeous. Once again it was an absolute joy to bring home a new kitten that is fully house trained and so comfortably fitted into her new home. It was difficult at first to introduce a new kitten to my home as Mackie was extremely unhappy. After calling Rindi, she reassured me it would work out and guided me as to what to do. I was surprised when she called to check up on their progress the following day. It has been a pleasure to visit and purchase my new baby from Rindi. I am a proud owner of two Purrbridge babies and would never consider purchasing a kitten from any other Cattery. Rindi is a wonderful person who I thoroughly enjoy spending time with and am thankful for all her guidance and care she has provided me and my babies with.

Thank you again Rindi for the joy you have once again brought to my life!
Much love!


From: Lauren Jones <>
Date: Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 10:32 AM
Subject: Reference Letter for Purrbridge

Last  year I decided after living on my own that I needed to find myself a loving pet. After much searching on the internet to find the perfect kitten, Rindi called me to screen me for my gorgeous baby "Mack the Knife". Knowing this is the care that Rindi has for each of her kittens was extremely reassuring that I would be purchasing a kitten from the best place.

The day I arrived at Rindi and saw my baby and how well he had been looked after I realized this would be the perfect kitten, friend and companion for me. On the day of collecting Mackie he was bathed and looked absolutely stunning, and I received all papers and documentation for him, along with a "starter pack" for my journey as his new mom. I know that Mackie came from a loving home in his first few months and I have maintained that love and care.  

The cattery is exceptional. It is clean and each and every cat well presented. There is no doubt in my mind, after a visit to Rindi's cattery you will most definitely want to own one of her kittens. I have had Mackie for a year, in which time he as been very healthy and well trained in the home thanks to Rindi. He is of exceptional quality to any other Persian I have seen. One year later I still send Rindi  regular photos and updates on Mackie as she has a love for each kitten that has come from her cattery.

I have no doubt in my mind that the next kitten i add to my home will definitely be from Purrbridge.

Thank you to Rindi for the joy you have brought to my life and the guidance to ensure my baby is well, healthy and loved.
Thanking you

From: <>
Date: Sun, Mar 4, 2012 at 4:35 PM
Subject: Bingo
To: Rindi Persians <>

Hi Rindi
We would like to thank you so much for our new addition, Bingo! He is an amazing and happy little boy. After bringing him home and keeping him apart from our other cats for a day or so we introduced him to his new playmates, Ludo and Domino and expecting a bit of fur to fly or at least a few spats, we were pleasantly surprised to see Bingo immediately go to the other cats and make friends. He was accepted straight away, and within a day or so was being licked and groomed by the older cats! We do believe this is because your cats are so well socialized beforehand, as well as being well adjusted and healthy, so thanks again Rindi and Purrbridge for all three our fur children!

Kind regards
Debbie and Andre

From: Audrey Freed <>
Date: Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 11:59 AM
Subject: refrence
To: Rindi van Seventer <>

I write this letter to chat about my amazing experience with Rindi and Purrbridge. 

Two months ago I approached Rindi to enquire about purchasing one of her gorgeous kittens. Upon making the first phone call  it was very clear to me that Rindi is absolutely fastidious about her babies and the homes that they go to. I spoke to her at length about the kind of dedication and commitment one need to take care of a Persian and arranged to go and visit her establishment  shortly thereafter. 

Upon entering her property, I was instantly taken aback by the condition of the cats, the cleanliness of the property and the professionalism of Rindi. I was taken through to a section of her premises that is reserved for new babies and their mommies. I felt as though I was in a nursery full of little babies, as each kitten is treated with the love and care of a new born child. I chose a kitten and couldn’t wait to bring her home. Rindi explained that our little kitten would have to have her immunisations and sterilisation done before she came to us, and Purbridge would cover the costs thereof. We waited patiently for two months and last week we went to pick up our new baby.  

When it came for little Meg to come home with us, we were given a print out with kitty’s full history of her family tree and her pedigree line of ancestry and she was clean, free of any ailments and beautifully taken care of. We also received a 4 page document explaining exactly how to look after kitty and what products to use on her. We said a sad goodbye to her siblings and brought her home. 

Within two days, little Meg is very at home, healthy, confident and energetic. we are so impressed by Purrbridge that if ever we were to purchase another Persian, there would be no question as to where we would go... 

Thank you Clint and Rindi

We’re loving the new member of our family

From: Karin Ryan <>
Subject: Billy  & Barry Experience
To: Rindi van Seventer <>
The Ryan Family's Purrbrigde Experience... 

Our Purrbridge experience began after discovering the Purrbridge cattery website online.... The photos of Billy and Barry immediatly drew our attention and we contacted Rindi, owner of Purrbridge, about meeting the new babies we saw on her website.

The day we spent at the cattery was a wonderful experience, meeting all of Rindi's kitties... The cattery is a heaven for cats, well organized and very clean.

We as a family went through a proper screening by Rindi herself, before being deemed worthy of  Billy and Barry - It is clear that Rindi makes sure that all her kitties go to a safe and loving home.

Our new boys were delivered to us soon after - bright eyed, healthy and beautiful, full of love and joy.. Together with all the proper documents, like the pedigrees (as per CFSA - Cat Federation of South Africa) and veterinary cards as arranged.

3 months later we are still in contact with Rindi, she is always available and willing to help us with any problems or queries concering Billy and Barry.

We are very satisfied and will recommend Purrbridge cattery to anyone who would love the perfect Persian!! 

Lots of love

The Ryan Family

From: <>
Subject: Letter for website

I would like to share my fantastic experience of adopting kittens through Purrbridge. I have had persians for many years and have dealt with a few different breeders, some good and some not so good, I was very impressed with Rindi's cattery, firstly because of the fact that one is able to see all her cats, none are hidden behind closed doors as I have noticed some breeders won't allow you to see the cattery which makes me suspicious of what they may be hiding, secondly, Rindi is fastidious about keeping her cattery ringworm and disease free, I also find her cats and kittens to be well socialised, so they are friendly and not at all skittish around people and other animals, which is important to me, I adopted two kittens from Rindi (Ludo and Domino) and have had absolutely no problems, they are healthy, socially well adjusted cats and I love them to bits! Since adopting Ludo and Domino I have also gotten to know Rindi better and realise that breeding persians is more than just a business to her, she is passionate about cats, and would probably keep all of her litters if she could! I have also found her to be very helpful if I ever had questions, and she is more than happy to give tips and advice on feeding, grooming etc.... I would not hesitate to adopt a cat from Purrbridge in the future, in fact, I am already considering getting another kitten soon!


From: Blom, Rina {PI} <>
Subject: Twinkles
To: Rindi van Seventer <>

Good Morning, 

At the beginning of the year my daughter wanted to buy me a cat for my birthday. I was reluctant to say yes because I did not want any old cat. We had two cats before which had the most wonderful personalities and I was afraid that this new cat would not fit into our home and our lifestyle. I was afraid of these breeders who just breed cats and sell it for an income. 

I was invited to go and visit Rindi at Purrbridge and to go and meet HRH Twinkles. No need to say I fell in love with all the beautiful cats at Purbridge, if I could, I would take them all home!  

Purbridge is not just a breeding institution it is a place where all these pedigreed Persian’s stay. They are registered with the Cat Federation of South Africa. They are inoculated, de-wormed and sold as either show or pet babies. They all are indoor kittens and are being kept inside for safety reasons. When you visit Purbridge you can see and feel the love for all these cats, they are being called by name and are being cuddled and loved since birth.

We agreed to purchase HRH Twinkles on the first day of my visit to Purbridge, however we had to wait until she was 16 weeks old before she could come home. She was born on the 3rd of March 2011 and was registered as Purrbridge HRH Twice as Nice (aka) Twinkles.

When you purchase a Persian from Purbridge you do not buy a cat to take home and do with it what you want. Rindi screen’s any potential buyer in depth to make sure that the correct placement is made. You sign a contract with Rindi which stipulates what you should feed your Kitten, how and when it must be bathed and groomed, what supplements to feed her ect. The contract even stipulates that Rindi must be the first person to be contacted should you want to sell or get rid of your cat. Because of the fact that we bought her as a pet we were not allowed to breed with her and she had to be sterilized. Because she was the smallest of the litter she was only sterilized on the 25th August 2011

My daughter works for Oakfields Veterinary Hospital and took HRH for a check up with the Vet to ensure that she did not have ear mites or sniffles, the Vet gave her a clean bill of health and said that was a  gorgeous cat, well groomed and fully socialized.

She had her vaccinations on the 8th May 2011, 6th June 2011 and the 11th July 2011

June the 15th was the day that HRH Twinkles could come home.A bedroom was prepared for her with everything she could possibly need.Rindi brought her home for us because she wanted to see where this Madam was going stay and she was a little concerned about the Jack Russell at our house.

As far as I can understand, Rindi keeps in touch with all her kittens. 

When HRH arrived she was immediately accepted by everyone in the household, she just needed to be introduced to the Jack Russell slowly because we did not know how the Jack Russell would react, because at that time she was the queen of the house, the introduction took about 3 days. I’m not sure who is the Boss in the house at this stage the Jack Russell or the Persian? 

HRH is a beautiful healthy Calico Tabby Harlequin Persian. Day one when we still closed her bedroom door to first introduce her slowly to our home, she became so vocal that I thought she was going to drive us crazy if we leave her alone. She only called for a day or two when we left her for a few minutes, she settled in immediately and is the most loving kitten and not vocal at all. She calls softly, but when we play hide and seek she almost makes a growling sound. Every night before we go to bed, HRH must first play hide and seek and runs through the house and hide in different places for you to find her. When she plays with you she plays softly, never aggressive with claws out! She does not like to sit on your lap but will cuddle up on the couch next to you. She sleeps with us in our bedroom but as Persians do, she has a little bit of an attitude and decides where she wants to sleep normally not on the bed she only cuddles in with us at 3h00 in the morning. She wakes me up by touching my face softly with her paw. 

I believe that HRH is so beautiful and loving because she was born to Rindi, and received, into a loving clean and cherished home, from day one.

When we told Rindi that we have a problem to bath her, she even invited us for a demo bath session at her place. Unfortunately we found out that HRH do not really like to be bathed, but unfortunately this is the only thing that she does not have the final say in. 

My other daughter, her husband and grandson who is apparently allergic to cats and other family members all love HRH to pieces. They all say they have never met a cat as soft and kind as this one. 

I’m sure that all the kittens from Purrbridge is beautiful, loved, cherished and healthy but I think that Rindi sold her most gorgeous Persian to us. 

Have a great day and lots of love and kisses from HRH Twinkles and family. 






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