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- gallery -

On this page we show you some of Purrbridge kittens

- 2015 -


Purrbridge Sophia

Sophia joined Carlos (also from Purrbridge)
and is now the very cosetted little girl of Thys and Melissa)

Purrbridge Vinci

Vinci now lives with Purrbridge Pixi-Pop in the home of Leon and Elmarie

Purrbridge Zara

Zara is now the spoilt baby of Zelda and Lukas

Purrbridge Benjamin Button

Benji living together with Purrbridge Mischa in the home of Brian and Karen

Purrbridge George

happily being spoilt by Kobie and Pieter

Purrbridge Mischa

Now the beloved babygirl of Karen and Brian

Purrbridge Nina

Nina joined Opal and Milko also from Purrbridge
and is now gracing the lives of Denise and Gert.

Purrbridge Carl Linus

Now the very loved baby boy of Melissa and Thys

Purrbridge Biscotti

​Staying at Purrbridge



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